Martin pleased with Progress of South East Peninsula Road

 (ZIZ News) — While others are praising him for his vision, Public Works Minister The Hon. Dr. Earl Asim Martin is praising the contractors, engineers, consultants and all others who are contributing to the resurfacing of the Sir Kennedy Simmonds Highway.

Minister Martin said the combined work of the team has enabled them to achieve their goals without having to secure additional funds.

“All of these phases of the project would have completed on time and would have completed within budget and I want to commend the consultant who ensured that because I am sure that a person would think we would have gone overtime or time overrun and they would have gone beyond our budget but we have sought thus far to keep within the budget and within the time frame that was allotted to these projects,” he said.

With significant work already completed, Minister Martin said there is now a seamless flow of traffic in areas that formed part of the Road Rehabilitation Project.

“The overall aim and objective of this project was to provide some basic things, first of all, to provide safety to our citizens that would use this road and we have already begin to see safety on the road here all the way down from the pelican mall thus far over to the South East Peninsula majors bay and I am sure upon the completion of this phase we’ll see additional improvement in safety. The other objective is to improve upon the drainage all along this road and definitely as I have mentioned thus far that we have seen improvement in the drainage on this road thus far,” he said.

Minister Martin’s comments came on Thursday at the resurfacing launch of the Sir Kennedy Simmonds Highway, which is also known as the South East Peninsula Road.

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