Massive crowd attend SKNFA fixtures at the ETW

On the evening of Saturday 8th February, the crowd at the ET Willet Park was almost reminiscent of an Inter Primary championships crowd.

Huge numbers of Football fans from St. Kitts came over for the fixtured games and the local Football fans, not to be outdone, also showed up in their numbers.

In the division one contest, local team CCC Bath United defeated Trafalgar South Stars 2 goals to nil, much to the delight of the home fans

Then in match two, a Premier division fixture, Rams Village Superstars got the better of SL Horsfords St. Paul’s United by a score line of 1 goal to nil.

Here is a summary of the SKNFA matches played over the weekend: 

Results Of SKNFA Matches Played Over The Weekend:

Saturday 8th February

Premier Division

At Elquemedo Willet Park (Nevis)

Rams Village Superstars 1        vs           S. L. Horsford St. Pauls United 0
(Half Time 0 – 0)

Scoring for Rams Village Superstars
Ordell Flemming 75th minute

Yellow Cards
Terrence Ward (St. Pauls) 48th minute
Dillon Caines (Village) 50th minute
Anthony Caines (St. Pauls) 73rd & 85th minute
Darren Caines (St. Pauls) 73rd minute
Delvin Harris (St. Pauls) 90th minute

Red Card
Anthony Caines (St. Pauls) 85th minute

* Officials were Kimbell Ward, Mario Parry, Delroy Jeffers & Curtis Morton
* Match Commissioner was Troy Mills
* Referees Assessor was Troy Mills

Division 1

At Elquemedo Willett Park

C.C.C. Bath United 2           vs       Trafalgar Southstars 0
(Half Time 2 – 0)

Scoring for C.C.C. Bath United
Delvon Clarke struck twice in the 24th & 31st minute

Yellow Cards
Delon Herbert (Southstars) 18th minute
Michael Thompson (Southstars) 54th minute

* Officials were Jamal Jean Jacques, Jevon Claxton, Shakel Campbell & Jasmine Charles
* Match Commissioner was Anthony Rawlins

* Referees Assessor was Anthony Rawlins

At Sandy Point Recreational Ground

Sandy Point Allstars 1         vs         Conaree Fireballs Int’l 0
(Half Time 1 – 0)

Scoring for Sandy Point Allstars
Curtis Pemberton 35th minute

* Officials were Stewart Rawlins, Stedroy Douglas & Len Harris

On Sunday 9th February

Premier Division

At Warner Park Stadium

SPD United 4          vs          KFC Trinity/Challengers United 2
(Half Time 0 – 0)

Scoring for SPD United
Evansroy Barnes struck twice in the 54th & 79th minute
Alphonso Murray 56th minute
Sean Liburd 62nd minute

Scoring for KFC Trinity/Challengers United
Clyde Herbert struck twice in the 48th & 63rd minute

Yellow Cards
Philmore Rawlins (SPD) 49th minute
Glenville Gumbs (SPD) 83rd minute

* Officials were Curtis Morton Jr, Jason Rouse, Len Harris & Steadroy Techeira

Match 2

Mantab 6       vs           St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers 1
(Half Time 2 – 1)

Scoring for Mantab
Eldean Huggins struck twice in the 8th & 78th minute
Kirae Jarvis also struck twice in the 45th & 50th minute
Kelvin Taylor 61st minute
Denville Francis 62nd minute

Scoring for St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers
Lance Lewis 41st minute (penalty)

* Officials were Tyrone Nisbett, Lloyd Rouse, Florencetine Morton & Alexis Joseph

Match 3

Island Auto Kactus Conaree FC 0         vs         Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs 0

Yellow Cards
Dahjal Kelly (Spurs) 13th minute
Marvin Charles (Conaree) 15th minute
Kadeem Lewis (Conaree) 45th minute
Tahir Hanley (Spurs) 85th minute

Samuel Phipps, goalkeeper coach of Island Auto Kactus Conaree was expelled from the bench in the 85th minute.

* Officials were Travester Richards, Graeme Browne, Delroy Jeffers & James Matthew 

Upcoming SKNFA Matches for Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 12th February, 2014: 

Tuesday 11th February

At Gardens Playing Field

5:00 p.m   –   Security forces United vs. Sandy Point Allstars

Officials:          Walter James, Steadroy Techeira & Jason Rouse

7:00 p.m   –   Trafalgar Southstars vs. Davis Construction Lodge Patriots

Officials:       Travester Richards, Jason Rouse & Nicola Clarke

Wednesday 12th February

Cayon Playing Field

5:00 p.m   –    Cayon FC vs. Security Forces United

Officials:         Caldon Duncan, Len Harris & Tyrone Nisbett

At Newtown Playing Field

5:00 p.m   –     Conaree Fireball Int’l vs. Sandy Point A.F.A

Officials:   –      Walter James, Avalon Challenger & Steadroy Techeira

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