Masud Sadiki among 26 Latin American and Caribbean Artists UNiTEd To End Violence Against Women 28-30 September El Panama Hotel, Panama City

Masud Sadiki

ZIZ News…Sept 27 2011 – St. Kitts own music superstar Masud Sadiki is among several performers from around the world in the line up to entertain the Panamanian people and bring awareness to end Violence Against Women and girls.

According to the Ibero-American Youth Organization, at least one out of every three women under the age of 35 has experienced gender-based violence during her lifetime.

To achieve this, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Campaign UNiTE To End Violence Against Women has invited 26 artists from Latin America and the Caribbean, to participate in a workshop being held in Panama City from 28 to 30 September. During these three days, these musical, visual and performing arts artists will come together and through their artistic creativity generate compelling messages and other initiatives to raise awareness of and advocate for an end to this scourge of violence against women and girls.

According to a release the guest artists are: Jonathan Harker (Panamá), Mikey (Barbados), TC (Barbados), Aja (Barbados), Tião Simpatia (Brasil), Phajsi Teatro (Bolivia), Miguel Solari (Costa Rica), Diana Avella (Colombia), Haila María Monpié (Cuba), David Torrens (Cuba), Stharre (Dominica), Paola Villacís (Ecuador), Alexia Miranda (El Salvador), Javier Ortiz (Guatemala), Lucy Argueta (Honduras), Magos Herrera (México), Gaby Baca (Nicaragua), Marcelo Medina (Paraguay), Yenia Rivarola (Paraguay), Wendy Castro (Perú), Pavel Núñez (República Dominicana), Nelly Masud Sadiki (St. Kitts), David Rudder (Trinidad y Tobago), Destra Garcia (Trinidad y Tobago), Santiago Tavella (Uruguay), María Inés Calderón (Venezuela), Mariángel Ruiz (Venezuela).

Regional statistics on the incidence of violence against women show that between 2002 and 2008, 20% of homicides in Barbados were domestic-related and victims were all females. In Trinidad, there were 434 reported rapes in 2009, with domestic violence applications constituting approximately 19% of all magistrates’ court matters. In the Bahamas 17% percent of deaths/homicides in 2007, were as a result of domestic violence. In St. Kitts sexual offences accounted for 24% of the assizes list in 2009 and in Jamaica 49% of girls surveyed between the ages of 15-17 reported some level of coercion.

Activities will begin on Wednesday September 28 at 8:00 with welcome remarks and presentations on the situation of violence against women in Latin America and the Caribbean and the leading role that artists can take. On Thursday, September 29 the artists will hear first hand from victims and survivors of violence and other persons who have been affected by GBV. On Friday September 30, the organisers and artists will present the workshop outputs at a press conference.

The sensitivity of the artists, who responded to this call, helps us to recognise that it is everyone’s responsibility and not just the duty of care of the State to prevent the spread of a culture of tolerance towards violence against women and girls.

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