Masud Sadiki’s long awaited album is here

ZIZ News…June 23, 2010 – Masud Sadiki’s fans have waited more than enough to get a copy of his Keep It Down To Earth album. It is finally in his hands. Masud said he breathed a huge sigh of relief, as if he felt the weight of the world lifted from his shoulders, when he held a copy of the album for the first time yesterday. The album went on sale Wednesday morning at the St. Kitts Music Market on Fort Street, where the SKMM will be joining the St. Kitts Music Festival’s local marketing and promotions team.

Masud has just secured a deal with West Indie Records for a world wide release of this album in August 2010, but the artist said, he did not want to keep his fans in the Federation waiting any longer. Hence, the decision was taken to give them the right to get it first, during the St. Kitts Music Festival.

As the word leaked that the album was at customs yesterday, dozens of fans called and made their orders and some have even paid for their copies Although the album is hot off of the press, it is being sold at a very special price of EC $40 during the three days of the festival at the SKMM.

The album features 15 powerful and positive tracks. Hakeem Samuel produced and arranged the album while Jazzique Chiverton of Ball A Karn productions, produced 4 of the tracks. The album was recorded at Atlantic Recording studio by Cliffette “Ip” Isaac and at Regional Akerances Recording Studio by Hakeem Samuel.

Masud Sadiki thanks Coury’s Wholesale for being the album’s premier sponsor.

He also thanked Reggie Amory of Amory Enterprises and Dango Farrell of Farrell’s Upholstery for their significant support of this project. A Special thank you was also given to all the singers and players of instruments who added their talents to album.

All your favourite local music can be purchased at the St. Kitts Music Market downtown daily and at the festival venue nightly.

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