Maynard says Condor did not advance Education

KonrisMaynardHelpsLightLimeKilnPlayField-1ZIZ News — Konris Maynard, the St. Kitts and Nevis Labour Party Candidate for Constituency Three, has publicly discredited the performance of his political opponent, the Honourable Sam Condor.

Speaking during a recent radio programme, Maynard suggested that education was not a priority for the former Deputy Prime Minister.

“When I look back, we had no recognizable push for education. Even though we had a Minister of Education, there was no scholarship for young persons, whether in primary or any form of scholarships that we were aware of. There was no afterschool programme.”

According to Maynard, he has already started to right the wrongs of Condor. He has also pledged to continue developing constituency three.

“We initiated the scholarship programme for primary school students and we want that to grow. We are going to be speaking with stakeholders shortly, before the end of this present school year, to make that a reality. We also have started our brainstorming on an afterschool homework assistance programme.”

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