McKnight On The Rise Community Group constructs community garden

(ZIZ News) — In efforts to promote community tourism and foster community pride, the McKnight On The Rise community group officially opened the McKnight Community Garden at a launch ceremony on Friday July 1.

Community Tourism Officer, Shaline Welcome briefly explained what the new community project will do for the environment.

“The community garden not only promotes a cleaner and healthier environment, it also enhances the image of the community. Initially the project had only two stages: that was to clean and to beautify. With extent of garbage that placed on this little lot of land, it took more like four stages. That was to clean, reclean, reclean and beautify”, she explained.

During his feature address, Minister Of Tourism, The Hon. Lindsay Grant said he looked forward to seeing more of this initiative executed throughout St. Kitts.

“I feel privileged as a citizen of St. Kitts and as the Minister of Tourism to be part of this very significant occasion this afternoon. The value of meaningful and effective participation by local communities in Tourism has been identified as a key ingredient in sustaining the industry. What we have seen displayed here this afternoon I believe we’d like to replicate throughout St. Kitts. It shows what can be done when we have teamwork and what can be done when we have people who believe in their community”, the Minister expressed.

The community group also has plans to contribute to sustainable tourism now that the community garden project is complete.

The McKnight On The Rise group will now focus on new projects that include hydroponic farming on some of the vacant lots in the community and the establishment of the McKnight Museum.

The McKnight community garden is located on Central Street between Durant and Malone Avenue.

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