Medals for Violet Petty students

ZIZ News — In carrying out its mission of collaborating with communities within its district, the Cayon police station donated several medals to the violet petty primary school in lodge to be awarded to student after the school’s sports day competition.

Sergeant in charge of the Cayon district, Carl Greaux, says the presentation of medals is the station’s way of encouraging the students to do well.

“We at the Cayon police station believe that children be rewarded for excellent performance. So the management and staff partnered with the Windsor Medical University and we purchased these medals.”

Principal of the Violet Petty Primary School Mrs. Eveth Bloice thanked the Cayon police station and Windsor University for their timely donation.

“These medals that we have gotten this morning… it is very timely that we have gotten them and we know that it will excite the children more now that they have seen some of the medals. I know that they will run their hearts out so that they can get one of these medals,” she said.

The Cayon police station district spans from Canada Estate to Lodge Village.

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