Media Workers Learning About CSME

Panel of Speakers at CSME Workshop. (L-R) Ivor Carryl, Programme Manager at CSME Unit, Patrick Cozier, Secretary General of Caribbean Broadcasting Union, Dr Canute James, Director of CARIMAC, Salas Hamilton, Communications Specialist in the CSME Unit.

ZIZ Newsroom, July 26, 2010, St.Georges Grenada – The Caribbean Broadcasting unit and CARICOM’s CSME Secretariat are teaming up to train reporters across the region about informing the public about the Single Market and Economy.

The Broadcasters CSME Workshop is being organized by the CARICOM Secretariat CSME Unit. The goal of the program is to inform and train media workers across the Caribbean about the Single Market and Economy.

Patrick Cozier, Secretary General of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union says there is an obvious link between CSME and the media. He says CSME is a complex process that isn’t understood by everyone and media professionals must be knowledgeable enough to be able to take the information from the experts and break it down for the ordinary man.

In order to do that media professionals themselves must be informed and that’s what the workshop is doing.

Over the next two days the participants will discuss issues including Free Movement of Skills and Occupations, Accessing and Working with a Skills Certificate, and Training Imperatives for Caribbean Media.

During the opening ceremony on Monday morning, Senator Allie Gill, Grenada’s Minister of State for Information, said he supports the efforts to inform the public about regional integration issues. He says mass media is necessary to reach the ordinary man and media workers must be engaged in the ongoing efforts to demystify the concepts of regional integration.

The sessions end on Tuesday and will be followed by another workshop. This time focusing on newspaper editors.

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