Minister Brantley calls for Unified Approach to Governance during Summit of the Americas

HonMarkBrantleyHeadshotL(ZIZ News) — “We must first focus on the issues that unite us and not bury ourselves in the ideological disagreements of the past” was the message of Foreign Affairs Minister, Hon. Mark Brantley, when he addressed the seventh Summit of the Americas on the weekend.

Minister Brantley’s six-minute speech touched on a number of topics including poverty, gender equality and universal healthcare.

“We have been mandated to transform our region into one that promotes growth over conflict and harmony over discord, free trade over embargoes,” he said as he reminded colleagues of their roles to effectively serve the people of their respective countries.

“Our people depend on and entrust us as heads and decision makers to chart a sustainable and positive course for their livelihoods and for generations. When we all leave the hospitality of panama, we must leave with a charge, a clear plan of action for our people, a plan that addresses our shared concerns and goals that brought us here today and we must execute this charge with urgency,” Brantley said.

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