Minister Byron-Nisbett Advocates For Physical Activity, Applauds PM’s Health Walk

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, August 30, 2020 (MMS-SKN) — When Prime Minister’s Health Walk from Bellevue to Ottley’s resumed on Saturday August 29, the Ministry of Health was represented at the highest level with Minister the Hon Akilah Byron-Nisbett, and Permanent Secretary Dr Delores Stapleton-Harris taking part.

“I am happy to be back out at the Prime Minister’s Health Walk,” said the Hon Byron-Nisbett at the end of the walk. “Now as Minister of Health, I would just have completed our SKN Moves which is asking people to be healthier and more active, and so this is indeed a pleasure for us to be here today to be able to resume the Prime Minister’s Health Walk.”

According to the Minister of Health, the message is out there advising people to make sure their immune systems are at par to be able to fight any kind of disease, including the dreaded coronavirus. She was accompanied during the walk by her husband Mr Alexis Nisbett, and members of Peoples Labour Party (PLP) Constituency Number Three Executive Branch.

Hon Byron-Nisbett appealed to persons to make sure that they stay healthy, and the way one could stay healthy is by staying active. She advised that walks like the Prime Minister’s Health Walk and others continue to promote that message, making sure people stay active to keep their immune system and their bodies healthier.

“I applaud the Prime Minister for resuming our health walk,” said the Honourable Minister. “After a long hiatus we are back out again on the health walk and I know that there will be many more health walks, and so everybody just keep informed. Keep abreast, make sure you keep moving even if it is not the health walk – just keep moving to make sure that we continue to live healthier lives.”

The Ministry of Health is one that practises what it preaches. With the Minister of Health for the Saturday’s Prime Minister’s Health Walk was the Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Dr Delores Stapleton-Harris who also took part.

“As permanent secretary I am participating in this walk because it is an extension of SKN Moves, where we are promoting good health and wellbeing, and focusing on three main behaviours: healthy eating, increased physical activities, and regular check-up,” said Dr Stapleton-Harris.

The energetic Dr Stapleton-Harris broke away from the main group immediately it left Bellevue, at times running, and was ahead of the pack most of the way to Ottley’s where she arrived while some participants were still walking along the Bourryeau Long Path. When they got to the finish point, some participants mistakenly thought that the Permanent Secretary had been at Ottley’s all along to welcome them as they arrived sweating and panting.

“The walk was in abeyance for some time – for whatever reason it has been in abeyance so we hope now that we pick up and increase the frequency,” she added “We hope that this walk would be a regular occurrence so that everybody can participate in the movement to be a healthier citizen, and healthier nation.”

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