Minister Carty commends Taiwan on support for local agriculture

(ZIZ) — The Minister of Agriculture has gone on record to publicly thank the government of The Republic of China, Taiwan for all its support particularly to the local agricultural sector.

The Hon Nigel Carty’s comments came at the recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on the Vegetable, Fruit, and Upland Crop Quality and Safety Improvement Project.

Minister Carty said one of the first and most important joint initiatives between both nations in agriculture was the demonstration farm at Needsmust.

“Where our people, our farmers and those who work within the ministry of agriculture were able to be exposed to new technologies in agriculture which were emerging at the time. We recognize the Republic of China (Taiwan) to have great expertise in the area of agriculture,” he said.

He added that while the Taiwanese government has assisted the federation in many other areas, agriculture continues to be the hallmark of cooperation between both nations.

“And I dear say that agriculture has been I believe the most significant area of cooperation between our two countries over these 31 years and though we’ve gone on to have excellent relationships in ICT and other areas, I think that this area of agriculture must be the signal area of cooperation between our two countries,” he said.

Under the Vegetable, Fruit, and Upland Crop Quality and Safety Improvement Project, two laboratories will be established here in St Kitts and Nevis.

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