Minister Grant Hosts Town Hall Meetings

LindsayGrant-5(ZIZ News) — Tourism Minister and Parliamentary Representative for Constituency Four, Hon. Lindsay Grant has joined his Team Unity colleagues in updating constituents on his work since assuming office.

On Wednesday, Minister Grant hosted a town hall meeting at the Old Road Methodist Church Hall. That meeting followed the first in the series which was held on Tuesday at the Challengers Community Centre.

Addressing constituents on Tuesday, Minister Grant said it is important that they control the development of their area. He spoke of a committee that would channel growth in the Challengers community.

“My idea has always been that it has often been the position that everybody look towards the representative to get things done. I want it in the reverse so to speak. I want the people of Challengers to be the impetus of what happens in the community of Challengers,” he said.

Among the issues raised at the meeting was the lack of complete infrastructure around the constituency. Minister Grant said he is aware of the problem and plans to adopt a different approach going forward.

“A lot of the developments that we see around end up being developments without the infrastructural works: roads as you say, lighting a lot of the times. Going forward, we want to reverse that trend and so that we want to ensure that going forward when there is a development, a development comes with roads and they come with water and so that the people can have an actual development because to my mind, a development is not a development unless he has roads and he has lights and so going forward, you’re going to see an improvement in that regard,” he explained.

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