Minister Grant praises partnership between Ministries

LindsayGrant-2(ZIZ News) – Minister of Consumer Affairs, the Hon. Lindsay Grant has praised the work of other government ministries in the quest to promote healthier eating habits.

During the launch of the Consumer Rights Awareness week of activities, Minister Grant noted that the Ministry of Health has held several activities to educate the public on reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

He said, “Targeting of persons at high risk because of lifestyle practices and offering free screenings for persons to know their health status; Preparation of national guidelines developed to assist leaders in healthy food security and the population in making healthy food choices; The School Meals Programme, which is being reformed so that healthier options are added to the menu so children can have access to healthier meals at school.”

He also spoke of the Ministry of Agriculture’s push to boost local food production and reduce dependence on imported goods.

“It is with this renewed focus that the Government intends to significantly increase agricultural production by focusing on increasing investment in sustainable agricultural development and improving farming technologies such as shade and greenhouses.”

Minister Grant also called upon the public to be a ‘watchdog’ and scrutinize what is bought from supermarkets, shops and other food vendors.

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