Minister Grant tours Bottling Company

(ZIZ News) — As part of his plan to visit various members of the manufacturing sector in St. Kitts, Minister of International Trade, The Hon Lindsay Grant and a team of officials visited the St. Kitts Bottling Company on Thursday.

The group was given a tour of the facility and learnt how each section functions.

From water treatment to quality assurance Bottling Company representatives walked the officials through the production process of various sodas and Aqua Vita bottled water.

At the end of the tour Minister Grant spoke of importance of manufacturers to the overall economy and the need to maintain a good relationship.

“Manufacturing is very, very important to us; it’s a significant part of our GDP. And that’s why we’ve taken a concerted effort to ensure that every single year we visit all of the manufacturing plants in St. Kitts and Nevis, not only just to see what they’re doing but also to see what challenges they may have…to see if the government can meet any of those challenges that they face,” he said.

Minister Grant promised that he and his team would do their best to address concerns raised by the manufacturers they have visited.

General Manager of the St. Kitts Bottling Company, Keithley Phillip thanked the visiting officials for their time and willingness to help.

“We hope that the tour that you would’ve had this morning gives you a little bit, a snippet into what goes on here at the St. Kitts Bottling Company. We take what we do extremely seriously and as you would’ve seen in the lab quality is our number one priority,” he said.

The St. Kitts Bottling Company is 63 years old and is one of the longest serving manufacturers in St. Kitts.

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