Minister Hamilton Plans to Develop the Fisheries Sector

EugeneHamilton-3(ZIZ News) – The Minister of Agriculture has pledged to give his full support to the development of the Fisheries Sector over the next five years.

Speaking at a recent forum, the Hon. Eugene Hamilton said the sector has suffered significantly over a number of years from the effects of climate change.

He said, “We in St. Kitts and Nevis are cognizant of the challenges of our Fisheries Sector brought on by climate change. These include the loss of fishing grounds due to storms and hurricanes; the loss of fish due to warmer sea temperatures and these have cause the fish to migrate and shift the arrival of fish into our marine waters.”

In moving the sector forward, Minister Hamilton said emphasis will be placed on the introduction of new technologies.

“We intend to increase the local production of our fishers through the development of technology and the provision of necessary incentives to our fishers. We will provide venture capital and loans to fishers and farmers to allow them to adapt and expand their operations as a means of meeting the challenges of our times,” he noted.

The Agriculture Minister said in the pursuit of attaining food security, the ministry will remain focused on reducing the importation of food, particularly fish and fishing products, into the country.

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