Minister Hamilton Pledges Greater Support for Green Valley

EugeneHamilton-6(ZIZ News) – Parliamentary Representative for Constituency 8, Hon. Eugene Hamilton has promised to tackle issues surrounding community events in Cayon.

Speaking at the Cayon Community Centre on Tuesday, Minister Hamilton promised there would be greater support from the Government for the annual Green Valley Festival.

“And over the past couple of years, we know how difficult it has been getting the support of Government. I don’t believe that Green Valley should complain this year. So I’m saying to the Green Valley Committee, now is your opportunity to direct your needs to a department called Constituency Empowerment,” he said.

Hamilton said he is also working on improving the lighting at St. Mary’s Park.

He said, “I was very disappointed that we had two events there last month, two track and field events, and the light had not been improved even though I had asked for it to be done. So, I have started something which should ensure that the lighting of St. Mary’s Park should improve within a reasonably short time.”

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