Minister Harris calls for support for locally produced foods

ZIZ NEWSROOM, Basseterre: August 15, 2012

As a workshop on food preparation techniques wraps up there has been a call for more support for local foods.

Minister of Agriculture the Hon Dr Timothy Harris has outlined the importance of opening markets for locally produced foods.

He was at the time speaking at the closing ceremony for training in various agro-processing methods on Thursday.

He said farmers are producing and so local markets must be opened.

“Our supermarkets must be prepared to accept quality produce when they are available locally. The hotels have to be ready and prepared to take our local produce, first and foremost, when they are available at affordable prices,” he said

He says individuals should also do what they can to support local foods.

“If you develop that attitude of showing a preference for local products then that’s going to catch on in our supermarkets. Your children will develop that kind of support for local produce. Your friends and your family, who you treat at home from time to time, and who come to enjoy the delights of local products, would want to continue,” Minister Harris said.

The workshop was held at the Taiwanese Agro Processing Plant at Needsmust. The workshop was held over a two week period and was organized by the agro processing project of the Taiwan Technical Mission.

Taiwan’s resident ambassador, His Excellency Miguel Tsao encouraged the trainees to keep learning and keep dreaming big.

“This is not wishful thinking. One day your products can sell, not only to local consumers, but also to cruise passenger, regional markets and international markets as well. It can be achieved if you try hard enough knowing that you will always have the support of your Ministry of Agriculture, our Embassy and Technical Mission of the Republic of China (Taiwan), ” he said.

The workshop covered food processing, drying fruits, canning, yogurt, jam, juices, frying products and baking.

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