Minister Liburd Outlines Social Benefits of Venezuela Agreement

IanLiburd-4(ZIZ News) – Minister of Urban Development, Hon. Ian Liburd said the benefits of the Federation’s relationship with Venezuela go beyond economics.

He said while St. Kitts’ participation in the Petrocaribe Agreement will lead to economic benefits for the Nation, there is a social component that will assist residents as well.

On Sunday, Minister Liburd specifically referred to Eunella Henry who traveled to Venezuela to seek medical treatment for a bullet lodged in her leg.

He said, “We’ve received over the past several days, thousands and thousands of barrels of fuel oil and that means a lot to the generation of electricity in St. Kitts and Nevis. But beyond economic, you can see the social aspect of it. There is, in fact, a social component of our agreement that’s why this lady is travelling to get medical attention in Venezuela. So from that perspective we are happy. We are thankful to the people and Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”

Recently, Minister Liburd and Venezuelan officials toured several apartment complexes in Newtown in preparation for a complete renovation project to upgrade the residents’ living conditions.

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