Minister Liburd Presents Constituent With Mattress

A local fisherman in Constituency One will sleep better tonight after his Parliamentary Representative, Hon. Ian Liburd, presented him with a mattress.

On Saturday morning, Liburd, who also serves as Minister of Urban Development, visited Newtown where the fisherman who had been without a bed resides.

Liburd said while he is not pleased with the living conditions of some of his constituents, he is happy that he can improve their standard of living.

“One of the things you would recognize when it comes to me is that people matter and I really want to leave a legacy in which I help people because people are important and this exercise, providing this mattress, it humbles me because it would improve the quality of his living,” Liburd said, adding “He’s going to sleep better tonight and from here on. Look at where he is living. Look at what he has but even if we can improve the space and down the road, improve the entire environment, that is something that I would be proud to do and I am happy I can do this today.”

Earlier this year, Minister Liburd installed running water at the residence of Newtown resident Norman James as part of the Ian “Patches” Liburd Social Assistance and Youth Development Fund.

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