Minister Nisbett Criticizes Brantley’s Leadership

HonPatriceNisbettFilePhotoB(ZIZ)– “You can’t run the government from Facebook” is the message being sent to Nevis’ Deputy Premier, Honourable Mark Brantley by parliamentary representative for Nevis 11, Honourable Patrice Nisbett, who also serves as the country’s Legal Affairs and Justice Minister.

Minister Nisbett recently criticized Brantley’s leadership stating he had failed for several reasons. Among the reasons listed was the NIA’s inability to pay its civil servants by the April 23rd 2014 deadline.

“Who was the Acting Premier of Nevis with all the necessary information in relation to the impending situation as regards the finances of the Nevis Island Administration at that particular point in time?” he said. “It was Mark Brantley and he would have known what were the state of the finances of the Nevis Island Administration leading up to payday in Nevis and what did he do? Did he take up the phone and call National Bank? Did he take up the phone and call an official in the federal government? He did absolutely nothing.”

Nisbett then accused Brantley of “letting the cheque of the Nevis Island Administration bounce in Charlestown.”

HonMarkBrantleyHeadshotLAmong the other issues listed by Minister Nisbett were the failure to attract investments into Nevis, the inability to keep campaign promises of reducing mortgage payments for homeowners and eliminating the fuel surcharge that was placed on electricity.

“Is Mark Brantley doing a good job with those state of affairs? He has been a dismal failure as a minister of government in Nevis,” he said.

Minister Nisbett then explained what he thought was the right way to effectively govern a country.

“Governments are not about experiments. Governments are about people who are prepared to sit, come up with the creative ideas, chose the policy options that will advance the country. You can’t run the government from Facebook. Can’t happen,” he said.

Patrice Nisbett and Mark Brantley are two of three Nevisians who were re-elected to the National Assembly in January 2010. They are both seeking re-election as momentum builds toward the upcoming general elections in St. Kitts-Nevis.

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