Minister Phipps Calls For A Work Culture Shift

(ZIZ News) — Minister of State Responsible for Community Development, the Hon. Wendy Phipps is calling for a change in work attitude in the Federation.

During her appearance on “Working For You” on Wednesday, Minister Phipps said there needs to be a culture shift in the public sector with a new focus on performance and results.

“What this means is that not only will you be entering into the job market having, for want of a better term, signed a contract with government as your employer, that you bring your skills, your services, your talent to the workplace, and in exchange for that you get paid,” she said.

It’s not about showing up between 8 to 4 and it doesn’t matter if you perform or not, or if you watch the clock from 8 to 4 or if you have your bag over your shoulders by quarter to 4. It’s about showing results. It’s about performance. It’s about going the extra step,” she added.

Phipps said this shift in attitude should begin in the schools with students being encouraged to pursue careers that would make them self-reliant and abandon the mindset of depending on others for employment.

“I’m going through school from Kindergarten to CFB, I get my CAPE subjects, and then someone has to provide me with a job. It’s about what can you do? What kind of innovation can you bring to bear? What kind of untapped sectors do we have that you through your initiative and ingenuity and innovation can say ‘Well look, this is a niche area in St. Kitts and Nevis that’s not been met and maybe rather than expecting to find job perhaps I can create my own opportunity and by extension I create other jobs,” she said.

She said it is up to the youth to forge their own paths in life while taking steps to reach their goal with support from agencies such as the National Entrepreneurial Development Division in the Ministry of Trade.

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