Minister Pledges to Advance the Energy Sector

(ZIZ News) – Minister Responsible for Energy, the Hon Ian Liburd has outlined the government’s plans to advance the nation’s energy sector by reducing expenditure and exploring alternate energy sources.

During the Prime Minister’s press conference held Wednesday July 15th, Minister Liburd said one of the initial objectives was to reduce the debt to Petro Caribe which totals about 67 million U.S. dollars.

“Our approach to that…we have negotiated with Petro Caribe, thanks to the Prime Minister, and we have gotten the interest on all of the debt forgiven…to the tune of some 8 million dollars,” the minister stated.

He said the government continues its plan to explore more eco-friendly energy sources such as wind, water, and geothermal energy to reduce fuel costs and the overall burden on the national economy.

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