Ministers of Government expected to take part in Seniors Inaugural Sports Day

Sports Page — The month of October is the designated month for older persons and the Seniors’ division on Nevis is planning a host of exciting activities, specifically geared to the seniors.

One such activity is the much anticipated Seniors’ fun and sports day which has been planned for Thursday 15th October at the ET Willet Park.

This particular activity will feature seniors who are 60 years and over in some exhilarating fun races and other events which will include the 40 meters ‘dash;’ walking races; relays; tug of war; lime and spoon; thread the needle and many more.

The effort is being coordinated by three entities: The Seniors’ division within the Social Services Department; the Mental Health Unit and the Red Cross Society.

Ms Meredith Amory-Field, Community Psychiatric Nurse Manager at the Mental Health Unit, has indicated that there will also be some fun races outside of the seniors’ events, which will feature persons between the ages of 50 and 60 and some even younger persons.

However, maybe even more eagerly anticipated will be proposed races involving Ministers of Government and top ranking civil servants from St.Kitts and Nevis, who will be invited to add to the day’s proceedings.

Among those expected to take the track in some short sprint events, will be Prime Minister Hon. Timothy Harris, pitting his skills against Premier, Hon. Vance Amory and Hon Hazel Brandy –Williams, matching speed with Senator Wendy Coleen Phipps.

Other races may well see Hon. Mark Brantley facing off with the Hon. Shawn Richards and Hon. Ian Liburd racing against his name sake, Hon. Troy Liburd.

There is expected to be a bumper crowd at the ET Willet Park for the event, which is expected to commence at 10 am.

It is understood that registration is still open for interested seniors who would like to participate but they have to get the green light from their doctors first of all, depending on the activity in which they plan to participate.

Practice sessions continue on Thursdays at the ET Willet Park, under the strict guidance of National trainer, Masefield Nisbett.

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