Ministry of Education responds to concerns of teachers at Basseterre High School

ZIZ News…Nov 20, 2012 — The Ministry of Education has put a number of measures in place to address the issues being experienced at the Physics and Chemistry Labs of the Basseterre High School.

These include seeking assistance from the Health Department and the Bureau of Standards/Multipurpose Lab. In addition Dr Milton Whittaker conducted an in-depth investigation.

According to Chief Education Officer Clarice Cotton, the Ministry also contacted the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) in Trinidad. Two representatives of that organization will come to St. Kitts on Tuesday, November 20 to assess the situation and to make recommendations.

Cotton stated that the team from CARIRI will conduct Micobiological Analyses of samples taken from the lab, and surrounding areas.

In the mean time arrangements are been made for students to use other facilities to do their labs work and the affected area of the school has been cordoned off.

The Ministry regrets the inconvenience which has resulted from the unforeseen circumstances at hand but remains fully committed to doing all in its power to bring activities facilities at the school back to normalcy.

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