Ministry Of Environment Cracks Down On Illegal Dumping; First Ticket Issued

Basseterre, St. Kitts, November 19, 2021 (SKNIS): Illegal trash dumping is a growing problem in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. The Ministry of Environment and Cooperatives, alongside other stakeholders, has stepped up enforcement to crack down on the act.

Recently, a culprit was caught red-handed illegally dumping garbage in the Camps community. The quick action of a citizen, who filmed the illegal activity, prompted action from the relevant authorities.

“A simple act of sharing information on Sunday 14th November resulted in the issuance of a ticket for illegal dumping. A video circulating on social media captured the indiscriminate and uncaring act of dumping garbage in the Camps area,” said Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment and Cooperatives, Sharon Rattan.  “As a result, the Department of Environment deployed officers to investigate and enlist the support of the Solid Waste Management Corporation.  Together, the investigation identified the culprit and a ticket valued at EC$500 was issued.”

The illegal dumping was reported by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism et al., Carlene Henry Morton and members of the community who then brought it to the attention of Permanent Secretary Sharon Rattan.

It is important to note that if the culprit contested the charge and the matter was brought before the court, if guilty, the minimum charge would be EC$5000.00.

Director of the Ministry of Environment and Cooperatives, June Hughes expressed thanks to everyone who played a role in ensuring that the culprit was caught, and encouraged persons to continue to report any sighting of illegal dumping.

“We sincerely thank everyone who contributed to this outcome. This is an example of community vigilance in collaboration with public sector coordination woefully needed to help us become better environmental stewards. We seek to have this collaboration at all times. And so, a heartfelt thank you is extended to our public sector colleagues and citizens for their prompt response and resolution to this issue,” she said.

Ms. Hughes added that illegal dumping creates unsafe and hazardous conditions and damages the landscape among other things, therefore it is extremely important to report the act at all times.

The general public is encouraged to send any concerns and/or reports to

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