Ministry of Labour Promotes Teamwork at Staff Development Day

Staff from the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Ecclesiastical Affairs conducted an internal review in a bid to address challenges and increase the efficiency of employees as it works to deliver quality service to the public on Friday morning.

The review was done during the 2nd annual professional development day held at the conference room of the Solid Waste Management Corporation. The working sessions began with reports from the unit heads for social protection; policy and industrial relations; employment; and occupational safety and health and inspection. Acting deputy commissioner of the Department of Labour, Deon Webb, explained why activities such as the one being hosted are vital to the workforce.

The 2nd annual professional development day was held under the theme, “Igniting Team Spirit to Grow Together.” Minister of Labour, the Honourable Vance Amory, weighed in on the theme and noted that it was important to establish a team.

The Senior Minister encouraged the staff to grow the level of trust between each other noting that this will uplift the working environment and improve the service to the public.

The staff spent the rest of the afternoon engaging in literal team building exercises and participating in competitive games at the Newtown playing field.

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