Miss World St. Kitts Nevis express thanks to all

ZIZ News…August 27, 2012 — Markysa O’loughlin, Miss World St. Kitts and Nevis 2012 is thanking everyone for their support and love during her journey to capture the Miss World title.

In a thank you letter to the media she stated, ” it may not have happened but I had the time of my life as I proudly represented you as your ambassador; many, many, many thanks to you. During my time in China, not one time did I not think about you and was solemnly humbled when I looked up and saw our two star flag among the rest as it swayed proudly in the Chinese air letting the world know that we Kittitians and Nevisians have arrived and are here to stay”.

She publicly acknowledged all the companies and individuals publicly for the their support.

IREPSKN Group, my official platinum sponsors: thank you for giving me so much support. A big thank you to the IrepSKN Studio team as well for offering ample multimedia assistance for my video journal – thank you Sherwin Jupiter and Dagah. They are the best at what they do.

LIME St. Kitts and Nevis, TDC, Freedom Fm and Cloud 9 for your assistance in helping me raise funds for my very costly journey. My launch party *LEGACY* was a huge success because of you – thank you!

To Green Valley Global, Marcella Liburd and Yvette O’Loughlin the financial assistance that you gave me is much appreciated!

The lady who gave me a cheque who wanted to remain anonymous, that was quite noble of you, thank you.

Special thanks to my family and friends who were very supportive from “time immemorial” (as my grandmother would say). Firstly my mother, Sylvia May Archibald if it were not for her support I would have been able to grace the world stage as I did. Thank you and I love you mommy. Also to my father Mark O’Loughlin, Aunt Jennifer Archibald, Patricia Lowry, Jonelle O’Loughlin, Shannoy O’Loughlin and everyone else who pushed me to excel, thanks.

Thank you Melvin Hewlett for your unwavering support through the years and the assistance with my talent performance that helped me earn a position in the Miss World Talent finals and air time on international television (big smile).

To Caribelle Batik for such a unique donation to the MWO Charity Dinner – thank you.

Thank you Life Fitness Center and my personal trainer Otis Bernier for helping me to be in tip top shape!

As you are aware China has Facebook restrictions so a big thank you to my Public Relations team! Rolhensha Henry and Summer Taylor did a phenomenal job of communicating with me, updating my fan page and disseminating information to the media houses!

In this same breath, a special thanks to ZIZ, SKN Times and Freedom Fm. They all kept the nation educated and informed about my journey and success.

Again, thank you very much and please don’t let the dream die. Let’s move on and support whom ever is selected to represent our proud young nation at the 63rd annual Miss World Pageant to be held in Indonesia next year.

I would also like to thank my mentor, friend and new parent, Mr. Eversley Liburd and Joan Maillard for holding my hands and putting me on the world stage and into the history books of our Federation. Thank you Eversley, and please don’t stop doing what you are doing; you are the best and St. Kitts/Nevis needs you. Communicating with you each night while everyone else was asleep was very comforting. I appreciated every criticism that you made and all the advise that you gave. It shows.

I also would like to thank Uzuri International’s Karl Williams and Mark McDermoth; the best designers in the world. WOW!

Special thank you also to:

Linda Demming of “Linda’s Touch” – my amazing hairdresser

Davina Baptiste of Alluring Elements of Beauty – my make up artiste

Kirk Donald (photographer)

Garth Archibald (photographer)

The Green Valley Pub

Sonia Carr

Paula and Jorell Williams

Frayko Studios

Diego Spanner (marketing and promotion specialist, graphic designer)

Nigel Lewis (film maker)

Sweet Cane Restaurant

Thelma Richard

Laverne Caines


Shades of You Beauty Salon

Darien Belle

Corrine Flanders


Shashi Wigley

Wallis Wilkin

Kurt Carty of Real Men Promotions

Sanara Bussue

Blue Torch Productions

Saju N’Galla of Ryddim Magazine

Thank you my Facebook followers and friends.

Lastly, a very special thank to all who supported me by turning on your television to “E!” to witness the culmination of my life changing journey.

May God bless you all and may God bless St. Kitts and Nevis.

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