Missing Antigua Fishermen found in Nevis waters

News—11th June, 2013–Two missing Antiguan fishermen were found alive and in fair condition just South of Nevis on Friday 7th June.

The two men, James Cabey and Stephen Joseph indicated that they were out on a fishing expedition and developed engine problems on Tuesday 4th June and subsequently lost control of their vessel and drifted for some four days and three nights before they received assistance.

They were apparently discovered by a Conchs’ fisherman who gave them immediate assistance and then called in the help of the St. Kitts -Nevis Coast Guard services, which from all reports made a speedy arrival at their point of location.

They were later brought in to the Charlestown port and later received assistance from Mr. Gary Claxton who provided guest house accommodation for them.

Disaster Management Chief on Nevis, Lester Bllackett indicated that the Nevis Disaster Management office was alerted sometime around 5 pm on Friday 7th June and they ensured that the two men got certain supplies, including food and also took them to the Alexandra Hospital where they received medical examinations.

When asked what condition the two men were in when found, Blackett indicated that they were in fairly good condition as they had a supply of water and some kind of food on board their boat. They also had freshly caught fish but he was unable to say whether the men ate some of the fish in a raw state.

He noted that their blood pressure checks and sugar level checks were normal and that they only really complained of aches and pains after being forced to remain in a limited and cramped space for an extended period of time.

The men were eventually allowed to return to Antigua sometime around 11 am on Saturday—8th June but that was after they had been properly checked by local Customs and other relevant authorities. They also got their engine repaired by a gentleman known as Winston aka ‘Webbe.’

Blackett further revealed that in making provisions for their return trip to Antigua, the St.Kitts -Nevis Coast Guard services and the Antigua and Barbuda Coast Guard services were alerted to monitor their safe return.

They arrived safely in Antigua around 7 pm on Saturday 8th June.

Blackett was not aware that an official missing report and search was conducted as regards the missing men but was happy that his office could have assisted in their safe return and used the opportunity to thank all those persons and agencies who played a role in the rescue effort.

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