Monitoring “Play Time” at SPPS

(ZIZ)The Sandy Point Primary School has put in place a system that monitors children ‘play-time’ in the school.

On Wednesday, the Sandy Point Primary School and the Seventh Day Adventist Church met with the parents to introduce them to a new Child Friendly School Concept that they initiated for the children’s development.

Nichole Williams-Francis
Nichole Williams-Francis

Teacher Assistant from the People’s Empowerment Programme, Nichole Williams-Francis explained how they are planning to do so.

“We have just acquired some new fun, play equipment and we do it in terms of grades. So each day a grade is out. For the smaller ones, the teachers are the ones who would be supervising them so we use it as an incentive to encourage positive behaviour in the classroom,” she said.

She also explained why this method works.

“Because they enjoy coming out and just not having the time to come and play and seeing their other friends play, that’s the part that hurts them the most. So I think it’s a good incentive to encourage them to perform in the classroom as well as share and play when it’s their turn to use their play equipment.”

The Sandy Point Primary School is hoping that all parents continue to be on board and support this programme.

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