Montessori Academy Nevis Celebrates its Annual Science Fair

Collin explaining the functions of the heart
Christopher and Olympia demonstrating a volcanic eruption
Michael demonstrating how waves are caused

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis, March 12, 2012 — Parents, students and guests were impressed by the exciting experiments, demonstrations and exhibits that were displayed by students at the Montessori Academy’s annual science fair held on Thursday 8th March on the school grounds, on Pump Road.

Josh Terry, an upper elementary student felt a sense of achievement. ” I really enjoyed presenting and explaining how my teabag rocket worked to my parents and friends. I think science fairs help people to understand important scientific principles.”

For Abigail Forbes a Lower Elementary student, the science fair was exciting, ” you get to tell everybody about your discoveries.”

Parents were also impressed. Dr Srinivasan spoke highly of the science fair. He said it was well organized and there were experiments from all the fields of science studied by the students. A grand parent, Idris Fellows, said that the presentations clearly showed that the students have worked hard and have a clear understanding of the concepts.

The science fair included students from pre-kindergarten through grade 5 and it was unique for pre-kindergarten students to be involved. Each student had the opportunity to present their working experiments explaining their hypothesis, the experimental apparatus used and their conclusions. The presentations included artwork, photographs and hands-on demonstrations that pleased the crowd. The students exhibited individual and team projects relating to science and physical geography.

Among the students exhibits were different types of volcanoes, a tornado and a lava lamp. As well as a bottle rocket using a carrot, a soda bottle and water which was launched 50ft in the air. There were many innovative displays about the topics the students had studied from how to make a teabag fly, to the properties and uses of magnets in modern day transport and technology and how wind causes waves. The experiments were very interesting and in-depth study was evident in many displays

“The objective of the science fair was to give our students an opportunity to carry out in-depth study from the science and physical geography curriculums and apply the skills they have learnt. It was also a chance to show the students and the school community how important and useful science is and how it relates to the world around us,” Denise Morgan, Principal Montessori Academy Nevis said in an interview.

She further said that this was the second successful science fair. “This year the students excelled by confidently presenting many innovative and well researched projects.”

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