Montserrat awarded as champions in LIBA Tournament

BasketballFilePhotoCSports Page — The recently revived Leeward Islands Basketball tournament ended in controversial fashion in Montserrat on Tuesday night—9th December.

The obvious two top teams were into the finals having beaten all other teams in their path in the preliminary rounds.

It was expected to be a battle between those two teams in Antigua and Barbuda and St.Kitts. In the preliminary round match, Antigua and Barbuda won over St.Kitts by a mere three points in a fast paced game.

The final was going as expected. The match was in its second quarter but the players on both teams were obviously pumped up and there was some serious intensity on the court.

During the second quarter with the score interestingly poised on 26 to 25, in favour of Antigua and Barbuda, a fight broke out on the court between players of the two teams and the match was officially blown off.

Initially, the word received was that both teams would be awarded joint championship honours but after a meeting of the officials, both teams were disqualified and Montserrat was awarded championship honours, with BVI in second place.

Here are some results from the preliminary matches:

Antigua and Barbuda 83 to Montserrat 73

St.Kitts 83 to BVI 72

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