Montserrat’s Volcano Featured in New Children’s Book Fury at Soufriere Hills

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS (July 4, 2013) – Chee Chee the monkey and his friends end up in a pretty heated situation when a nature hike lands them in ancient Montserrat with a rumbling volcano.

The long awaited fourth book in the Caribbean Adventure Series, Fury on Soufriere Hills is now available online. Set in Montserrat, the book has been hailed as Carol’s best publication to date by early reviewers. Fury includes two of the characters that we got to know in the series, and introduces Frankie, a young boy from Montserrat who longs to return to his beloved home.

In Fury, Frankie, Mark, and Kyle, guided by Chee Chee, are transported to a Montserrat of old where they have to get very creative to save their lives.

“I was moved to write about Montserrat,” Mitchell commented. “I wanted to write about the Carib people and my research led me to an excursion in Montserrat that revealed a lot of information about how the Caribs lived. That prompted my imagination with a scenario in which the Caribs, like modern day Montserratians had to face the fury of their volcanic island. I wanted to capture the hopefulness and resilience that a strong people can build out of a disastrous event. It took me over a year to capture this and I am very happy with the end product.”

The journey to this fourth CAS book began in 2005 when Carol Ottley-Mitchell took a leap of faith and began writing books for Caribbean children. She created the Caribbean Adventure Series in which Chee Chee, the pet Vervet monkey leapt from the pages, creating mischief and adventure in the first book, Adventure at Brimstone Hill and in the two books that followed.

In addition to the Caribbean Adventure Series, Mitchell has published three books in a series called Chee Chee’s Adventures and a book of short stories called Seascapes.

Fury on Soufriere Hills is now available on both in print and Kindle editions. You can also learn more about Mark and Kyle’s adventure in Montserrat and Vervet monkeys like Chee Chee by visiting

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