Montserrat’s Zone C, Closed Due to Activity at Soufriere Hills, Reopens

Soufriere Hills volcano

By the Caribbean Journal staff…April 2 2012 — Montserrat’s Zone C on the volcanic risk map has reopened for daytime entry after being closed due to activity at the Soufriere Hills volcano.

The zone reopened last week, according to Governor Adrian Davis.

The area, which comprises Cork Hill, Weekes, Foxes Bay, Richmond Hill, Delvins and extending out 500 metres to sea, is part of the Exclusion Zone.

It was closed in March after a “noticeable” increase in seismic activity. The Zone had reopened for daytime entry in December 2011 after the area’s hazard level was lowered.
Similar seismic activity had occurred at the volcano up to several months prior to reported magma extrusion in 2005 and 2008.

Access is now permitted from 8:00 AM to 4:00PM; boats are permitted to travel through the zone but must not stop.

“The public are asked to note that no entrance is allowed under any circumstances to Zone V on the volcanic risk map,” the Governor said in a release. “Anyone found in this zone is liable to be arrested and charged.”

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