More Jobs expected in 2015

LinkonMaynard-2(ZIZ News) — Chairman of the Manufacturing Council of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Linkon Maynard, says 2015 will see an expected increase in the number of jobs available in the manufacturing sector.

Maynard told ZIZ News that the recently launched manufacturing strategy makes provisions for 150 new jobs in the sector and certain companies have already started expanded, creating new opportunities for residents.

“As we sit here and speak, we are aware of expansion in at least two of these plants. We have Harowe Servo in Sandy Point. They are projecting some increase in their production and therefore most likely would result in an increase in employment,” he said.

Maynard said this, coupled with Jaro Electronics’ plans to expand at the industrial site, indicate a bright future for the manufacturing sector and more opportunities for employment in St. Kitts.

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