Mr. Pepe?

AllisterThompsonFilePhotoBSports page— President of the Nevis Turf and Jockey Club, Allister Thompson, is promising a high quality horse race meet, come Sunday August 3rd. The meet will be part of the ongoing C-40 activities and Thompson is predicting that the real action will be in the Filly class, as at the last two meets those horses created quite some excitement in terms of close races.

The gates open at 1 pm and the meet is expected to bolt off promptly at 3 pm as the intention is for the spectators to leave within a reasonable time to attend the Calypso show slated for that same night.

When asked a direct question, Thompson noted that although the renowned horse MR.BIG PEPE has passed on, he expects that the other horses in that class will also provide a rare treat for those on hand.

When asked about the possibility of Delroy Liburd and his Low ground stable getting a replacement horse, Thompson noted that that was already in the works. He indicated that his stable will soon be receiving two brand new horses from Puerto Rico. They won’t be in, in time for the upcoming meet but will be available to make their debut appearance at the Dan Bartlette Memorial Stakes, slated for September.

When asked about a possible name for the main replacement horse for the deceased MR.BIG PEPE. The answer raised a few eyebrows.

They are toying with the name—MR. PEPE.

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