MSU International Student Director held consultation with prospective students on Tuesday

(ZIZ News) — Several young persons were seen in attendance at a meeting with the International Student Director at Midwestern States University, Dr. Randy Glean, at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College on Tuesday.

Speaking with ZIZ, Dr. Glean explained the purpose of his visit.

“This meeting is twofold, it’s first to speak with the students who will be coming to the university this Fall, starting this new school year for bachelor studies and to prepare them during orientation and for their arrival. These are students who applied from last year and have gotten through all the processes and they will actually be travelling in August to come to the university”, Glean said.

He also explained that the University has been trying to enhance the student life experience for Caribbean students while noting that enrollment numbers from St. Kitts have remained flat.

“The St. Kitts Nevis population has flattened out a little bit whereas the Caribbean programme has grown dramatically with a lot more students from Antigua, from Dominica, extremely sharp growth from the Bahamas. From St. Kitts and Nevis, it’s essentially been flat if not titled slightly downward. This is actually the only place in the region where it slowed down and there are probably a number of factors influencing that but nonetheless we are trying to broaden the outreach to make students aware that this is one of the most cost effective, strong programmes”, he expressed.

According to the Ministry of Education, 35 students from St. Kitts-Nevis are currently enrolled at Midwestern State University.

Twelve new students from the Federation are expected to enrol in August.

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