Mt. Moriah Seventh Day Adventist Church hosts Man Up Symposium

(ZIZ News) — The Mount Moriah Seventh Day Adventist church hosted its man up symposium on Sunday afternoon.

During his presentation, Guest Speaker, International Social Consultant and Crime Reduction Specialist, Dr. Neals Chitan, touched on a number of issues facing the communities and the Caribbean as a whole.

While coinciding with the celebration of Black History month, Dr. Chitan used the opportunity to address the issue of colourism in the home.

“I want a light skin girl. I want a light skin to make a baby for. Mothers and fathers are treating their light skinned children better than the black skin children. Isn’t that self-hate? And you know how much of that we have in the Caribbean?” Dr. Chitan expressed

After the symposium, Pastor Carl Hastings of District # 2 Seventh Day Adventist Church gave a few words of advice for persons who may have missed the “Man Up” symposium, especially men across the island.

“We want men across the island to know that there is need for change. There is a need for all of us to reach out and to work in a safety net whereby we can help other men or other boys and other girls to know and understand that they have value and because they have value, we need to all live better lives. It is important for all of us across the island to understand that saving the next generation is our goal and our determination. If we are going to save our boys and girls, it means that we are going to have to start right now”, Pastor Hastings explained.

The discussion was chaired by member of the Mt. Moriah Seventh Day Adventist Church, Marilyn Johnson.

She said it’s one of many community building initiatives organized by the church.

The “Man Up” symposium was held in the hall of the Saddlers Primary school.

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