Murder victim Coudray-Greaves was seen in car of dreadlocked man

ST JAMES, Jamaica — A signed statement of a man who is now deceased indicates that on June 2, 2012 Trinidadian schoolteacher Michelle Coudray-Greaves was seen alive in the car of a man sporting dread-locks.

Coudray-Greaves’ charred remains were found ten days later in a Montego Bay, St James cane field after she was reported missing.

Ivan Taylor, who wears a dreadlocked hair style, is now facing the St James Circuit Court for the June, 2012 murder of Coudray-Greaves.

Taylor who at the time of the murder was a Westmoreland-based taxi operator was arrested and charged following the discovery of Coudray-Greaves’ remains.

On Tuesday the statement of the deceased man which was read in Court stated that on that June 2, 2012 he was walking in the Green Pond community when he saw a car approaching and stopped it.

He said that the Trinidadian woman was in the car driven by the man he referred to as “the Rasta”. The man claimed in his statement that the Rasta was not looking pleasant.

“The Rasta did not look pleasant in his face,” stated the man who also said he was living in the Green Pond community for a number of years and was seeing “the Rasta” for the first time.

According to the man in his signed statement, upon entering the car, a passenger greeted him, “…you don’t remember me? It is the Trinidadian girl.”

The deceased witness in his statement also pointed out that it was the second time he was meeting the Trinidadian woman. He said he had first seen her in April of 2012 when he was introduced to her by a friend in the Green Pond community.

His statement was read in court by a detective in the case who at the time was assigned to the Montego Bay police station.

The court on Tuesday earlier heard from two telecom specialist from one of the island’s cellular service provider. Their testimonies were followed by statements from three police officers.

The trial continues today, Wednesday May 14.

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