Musical Instrument Workshop

ZIZ News—29th July, 2013– A week long music workshop is giving children an appreciation of local music while showing them alternatives ways of making a living.

Today kicks off The Seventh Annual Musical Instrument Workshop at the international house museum on Central Street.

It focuses on teaching children how to play instruments used in traditional folk music such as the banjo, fife, and quatro.

Organizer Winston “Zack” Nisbett spoke about the benefits of keeping our indigenous music forms alive.

He said”It creates an environment whereas you can make a dollar from it. It also makes one to realize our true identity.”

He says previous students have already made money from the skills they have learned.

Mr. Nisbett added “In fact one day, Julie took home 72 dollars. The banjo man took home 80 dollars and the banjowoman took home 85 dollars. So it was able to help her get her shoes and so forth for school.”

Featured speaker Lloyd Lazar encouraged the students to work hard and maintain the high level of musical performances that come out of St. Kitts.

Mr. Lazar said “When you practice, and you practice soundly and hardly that you will be able to play good music. And to maintain the reputation of St. Kitts and Nevis as a nation that has very good music because of young people like you.”

The Musical Instrumental Workshop runs for a week and usually includes performances at various public locations.

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