NAGICO Insurances urges the population to be vigilant this Hurricane Season

Basseterre, St. Kitts, June 3, 2020 (NAGICO Insurances): NAGICO Insurances is encouraging the public to be vigilant this Hurricane Season and to implement precautionary measures as experts have warned that this year will be ‘an extremely active’ season, with at least eight hurricanes predicted and 17 named storms.

An average hurricane season usually has six hurricanes and 12 named storms. Research Scientist Phil Klotzbach, from the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University said, “In general, the consensus between seasonal hurricane forecasts this year is greater than it has been the past few years. The current Atlantic sea surface temperature setup is consistent with an active Atlantic hurricane season.”

The sea surface temperatures is one of the ingredients that fuels hurricanes. The warmer the ocean, the more fuel available for the storms to tap into, “We are fully aware of the power of hurricanes and the devastation that can be caused by these severe weather systems.; It is with this in mind that we would
like to remind everyone of the value of preparation and the need to make sufficient time for it.”

“We are urging home and business owners to contact us; if they want to check the status and revisit the adequacy of their policies, or if they require insurance or additional coverage for their assets. Remember, disasters do not prepare but you can.”

Hurricane season begins on June 1“ and continues officially; to November 30”. Covid-19 has already caused financial hardship, please do not take any chances. Be prepared. Follow NAGICO on Facebook and Instagram or visit us at,

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