Nation bound together by prayer, praise and thanksgiving at Independence State Service

(SKNIS): The Charlestown Methodist Church in Nevis brimmed with hundreds of citizens and residents of St. Kitts and Nevis including the Cabinet, government officials, members of the opposition, members of the diplomatic and consular corps and youth who gathered together for prayer, praise and thanksgiving at this year’s Independence State Service. The State Service is held annually as a key part of the Calendar of Activities for Independence. The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis is observing its 34th Anniversary of Nationhood.

The service, which was held in Nevis for only the second time, took place on Sunday, September 17. The sermon was delivered by Reverend Sylvester Herbert, Superintendent of the Wesleyan Holiness Church.

The congregation listened attentively to the lessons given from the scripture readings, were delighted by the liturgical dance and choral reading, observed reverent silence for the moments of prayer and sang lustily throughout the service. A special prayer was also offered up for the youth of the nation.

The State Service was one of a select number of events that were kept after the passage of Hurricane Irma disrupted the official calendar of activities, which resulted in a scaling down of planned events.

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