National Front Yard/ Back Yard Garden Project Launched

Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 14, 2023 (ZIZ Newsroom)– Under the distinguished Patronage of Minister of Agriculture Hon. Samal Duggins, the Victory Centre and Dare 2 Be Different International launched the Frontyard – Backyard Garden Project at the New Boyds Recreational Park last weekend.

The project is the brainchildren of Sylvester and Marilyn Leader who are nationals of St. Kitts and Nevis but who live in the United Kingdom.

During the launch, Mr. and Mrs. Leader handed over dozens of packets of seeds to Minister Duggins who in turn officially handed them over to The Victory Centre and Dare 2 Be Different International Youths.

President of Dare 2 Be Different International Khrystus Wallace explained the concept of the Frontyard – Backyard Garden Project.

“We thank all of those who donated close to $27,000 E.C. dollars’ worth of seeds from the United Kingdom and we want to say, yes, we are going to have a general garden where all of our Eagle Youths are going to work together. And what we are also encouraging is that each family, you know, helps their child to secure a spot in their yard, whether the front of the yard or the back of the yard, where they could have their personal garden,” he said.

“So we will be able to, you know, give them seedlings, whether lettuce or cucumber or carrots and they would have their own personal garden where they could whether give the food to their family or they could sell whatever is produced from it. So we will have a general garden for all of us, where we come together and work that one but we’re encouraging each Eagle Youth to have a space in the yard where they do their own farming.”

He said the project is a national one as children across the federation will be encouraged to be part of the initiative. “We call it a national project because we got enough seats to help our gospel organization and help many more families and community groups. $27,000 worth of seats is a lot of seats and so we don’t plan to keep it out for ourselves so we’re going to be encouraging you across St. Kitts Nevis to work along with your parents, get a part of the year to the front or to the back and, start their own backyard front yard garden because if we could get our children and our young people, cultured into the fact that they too can, have a family garden, They too can, make a living from farming from a young, we will be working towards national food security.”

In giving the feature address, Minister Duggins encouraged the youth to think about and make plans for the future.

He also encouraged them to consider a future in agriculture which will ensure National Food Security.

Present at the launch were family and friends to witness the handing over ceremony who pledged further support to the children in their efforts.


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