National Security Minister Praises Work of Bramshill Policing Advisors

(ZIZ News) — National Security Minister, Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris continues to praise the work of the team from Bramshill Policing Advisors which had been involved in a wide range of activities that he says were “designed to enhance the capabilities of the police with respect to detection, conducting investigations and solving crimes.”

Dr. Harris said despite the considerable amount of work done to date, the advisors still have much more work to do noting that “in the upcoming months, the Bramshill Policing Advisors will be extensively involved in the implementation of a revised promotion system in the police force, an appraisal system, a skills profile audit, staffing census and audit, media and communication strategy.”

The advisors are also working on creating a Police Strategic Plan for 2015-2018 and forming “a directorate within the force to serve as the organisational inspectorate”.

ZIZ News understands that in addition to mentoring employees of the Forensic Services Unit, the Bramshill team is reviewing 20 unsolved cases. Such reviews are being added to the significant work done so far.

Dr. Harris said “these initiatives include improved investigation into homicides and serious crimes.”

He continued, “In this regard, they have trained 23 police officers in homicide and serious crime fighting techniques, generic serious crime investigation among cross agency officers, Investigative Interviewing Course across 20 law enforcement officers, reinforcement of the pocket policy Violent Crimes Unit, introduction of operational orders in the Violent Crime Unit, introduction of alibi destruction techniques, introduction of leaflet jobs along house to house.”

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