National Security Minister says the robbery of a visitor is an attack on the Nation

National Security Minister

ZIZ News…Nov. 16, 2010 – National Security Minister Hon Sam Condor says the attack on tourist on Sunday has serious implications for national development, stability and the livelihood of our people.

In an address on ZIZ TV and Radio the Deputy Prime Minister said the grievous act of violence perpetrated against visitors to our shore is illegal and totally unacceptable.

Condor who is also the Deputy Prime Minister in the Denzil Douglas Administration said the robbery of a visitor is more than a robbery of just one person, or a few persons. It is an attack on the Federation’s taxi – drivers, our hotel and restaurant owners, employees, and tour operators. It is an attack on the craft vendors. It is in fact an attack on all persons throughout the Federation who work in businesses, large or small, that are related directly or indirectly to the flow of visitors to our federation. It is an attack on public services which are provided with the spin – off revenue, from the tourism sector.

The National Security Minister viewed the attack on our visitors, like the attack or sabotage of any other segment of our economy, as an attack on our national economic security, and as such, a crime of treason.

He further stated that the unfortunate and unprecedented incident, gives the thousands of law abiding citizens and residents, every good reason to work together to identify perpetrators and to bring to justice, those persons within our communities, who so boldly, foolishly and selfishly jeopardized the livelihood of fellow nationals.

Minister Condor appealed to the moral and patriotic conscience of the people of St. Kitts and Nevis to rise up and assist the security forces in their ongoing investigations in this matter.

He assured also that the Government is communicating appropriately with the media, who directly serve the markets from where our visitors originate.

The National Security Minister called on all good citizens to work together, so that the majority will continue to protect our country’s good name and determine the image and reputation of our Federation.

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