National Trust and Silver Reef get Historical!

Ms. Joy Wilson, Mr. Sebastian Mottram of Silver Reef and Ms. Natasha Leader and Mr. Schneidman Warner of the National Trust the Middle Roundabout in Frigate Bay.

ZIZ News, March 2 2012 — The St Christopher National Trust and Silver Reef Developers have combined their resources in time to celebrate our Annual History and Heritage Month.

In the centre of Frigate Bay observant passers-by will have noticed that the middle roundabout has received a facelift with a magnificent 8′ boiling copper at its centre.

Developer Sebastian Mottram said “We wanted to find an iconic centrepiece that would be instantly recognisable as a symbol of this countries sugar production legacy and also to be visually stunning. So we turned to the National Trust for guidance and they have very kindly loaned this beautiful copper to make the focal point.”

The copper is on loan from the Belmont Estate which is one of the sites of special historic interest vested in the Trust.

Mr Tapley Seaton, the Trust’s President said “We were delighted to be able to find such a prominent position to display our copper. We are hoping that it will raise awareness of our rich historic legacy in visitor’s and local people alike”. He went on to explain “This copper would have been part of a set used to refine the raw sugar cane juice. The coppers decreased in size as the cane juice evaporated leaving at the final point a sticky mess that was further refined to become the raw cane sugar. There are many examples around the island in various states of repair but we hope by lifting this everyday object to a prominent position it will prompt people to look at their history with a fresh take.”

At a brief ceremony, Mr. Schneidman Warner the Vice President of the National Trust and Ms. Natasha Leader and Mr. Mottram unveiled a plaque explaining the provenance of the copper and encouraging visitors to contact the Trust for more information.

The unveiling comes during the annual History and Heritage Month of Activities, traditionally held in February/March. This initiative was started by Sir Probyn Innis and the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park Society and this year has the theme “Celebrating the contribution of our everyday heroes and heroines to our history and heritage.”

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