Nationals Awarded Star Of Merit At Investiture Ceremony

7 nationals were rewarded for their service to the federation on Wednesday with the presentation the Companion of the Star of Merit.

The group was part of a list of persons announced in the National Honours list on September 16, 2020.

An investiture ceremony was held on Wednesday morning at Government House to officially present the award.

The recipients are Dr. Burnell Sylvester Nisbett in the field of Medicine, Dr. Cameron Wilkinson, CBE for National
Service in Crisis, Dr. Hazel Oreta Laws for National Service in Crisis, Mrs. Viola Jacobs in the field of Education,
The Very Reverend James Rudolph Smithen for Religious Service, Mrs. Shirley Gloria Estelle Browne for Education, and Mr. Abdias Samuel for National Service in Crisis

During the ceremony Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris thanked each recipient for his/her contribution to the
nation and described them as acts of love for their country.

“You knew what you had undertaken was the right thing to do. And each one of you dedicated yourself
to doing that your humility, your selflessness is why your efforts are worthy of recognition,” he said.

The Prime Minister also noted that through their achievements they serve as role models for the youth.

“Our young people already face many distractions and many temptations in this post-modern world. Your service
shows that there are benefits to yourselves and to the community by dedicating to your cause and seeing it through,” he said. “These lessons are important. Their shared telling is what will build resilience and commitment
among our future generations.”

A second investiture ceremony will be held on Wednesday, May 26 to award the Medal of Honour to eight nationals.

They are Mrs. Pearline Theresa Mussenden for Education, Mr. Joseph Emanuel Benders for the Arts, Dr. A.
Linton Liburd for Medicine, Mrs. Patricia Mary Nurse-Clarke for Community Service, Mrs. Pamela Elaine Brookes for Nursing, Mr. Charles Delvin Mc Master for Community Service, Mr. Brian Dyer for National Service in Crisis, and Dr. Judy Nisbett for National Service in Crisis.

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