NEMA and Social Security strengthen ties

National Disaster Coordinator (NDC), Mr. Carl Herbert and members of the Social Security Staff

National Emergency Management Agency Press Release – Learning to get the most out of potential partnerships between NEMA and local organisations, formed the base of a discussion held between National Disaster Coordinator (NDC), Mr. Carl Herbert and members of the Social Security Staff, on Monday, July 19th, 2010.

In his remarks, the NDC informed the gathering that preparedness is a component of Disaster Management, which is the discipline, and does not stand on its own. “Rather,” he stated, “Disaster can take place at any time as a result of a variety of hazards, including hurricanes; and comprises Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Rehabilitation, as actions.”

Discussions centred on the importance of creating a disaster management plan, for both personal and institutional uses. “We at NEMA cannot do it alone,” he said. “We depend upon a cadre of volunteers, who selflessly take the time to assist persons, communities and basically those who may be unable to help themselves, during times of turmoil.”

Mr. Herbert added that increased knowledge and information among residents and businesses in every community, decreases the dependence on limited national resources, while at the same time, can rally communities to respond to those in need, with immediacy.

“In other words,” according to him, “in times of disaster, our survival might depend upon our ability to be in the right spot at the right time, which may be less of a challenge for persons who volunteer in the areas where they live.”

As the more than one hour long session wound down, Mr. Herbert thanked Social Security for their ongoing partnership with NEMA and praised their initiative to source information on preparedness, for the benefit of their staff.

“I would like to extend NEMA’s hand of assistance to any organisation,” he said, “whether social club, business or sports group, so that we can provide you with information that can protect lives and property, throughout our Nation.

Mr. Herbert, was invited to speak on Disaster Management, with particular emphasis on hurricane preparedness, by Social Security’s Personnel Manager, Ms. Charlene Bowry, and he was accompanied by NEMA Public Relations Officer, Ms. Vesta Southwell.

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