NEMA Helps with Disaster Management Plans

(ZIZ News) – Staff and volunteers of the National Emergency Management Agency [NEMA] were busy on Wednesday helping institutions with the establishment of their disaster management plans.

This formed part of the week of activities being held in observance of International Day for Disaster Reduction.

NEMA’s Public Relations Officer, Vesta Southwell said they saw it fit to help spread awareness about the importance of having disaster management plans in place.

“International Day for Disaster Reduction encourages persons and governments to engage in actions to build resilience within communities and nations. So as part of the process of promoting a culture of disaster reduction, we’re here and we’re hopeful that this presentation, this donation, from NEMA will assist and enhance all of your disaster management activities,” Southwell stated.

Disaster kits were presented to the Cardin Home, the St. Christopher Children’s Home, the Saddler’s Home for the Elderly, New Horizons Rehabilitation Centre and at Her Majesty’s Prison.

Principal Officer at Her Majesty’s Prison, Denzil Harris thanked NEMA and its stakeholders for the generous donation.

“On behalf of the Superintendent, staff and inmates of Her Majesty’s Prison, I want to express my profound gratitude and appreciation to NEMA for this generous donation. This will go a long way in the enhancement of this organisation. It is needed at this time and timely,” he said.

The remaining activities planned for the week are a panel discussion on ZIZ’s New Prime Talk radio programme on Thursday evening and a NEMA Staff Development and Retreat on Friday.

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