Nema Workshop Underway

ZIZ News September 24, 2013 — The governments of St. Kitts- Nevis and Argentina have begun a workshop focusing on disaster preparedness and response.

A two day workshop is underway to inform participants about a Humanitarian approach when it comes to Disaster Risk Management.

A group from the Argentine disaster response group the White Helmets is here in St. Kitts working with local stakeholders during the workshop.

National disaster coordinator Carl Herbert noted that the facilitators from the White Helmets come with invaluable practical experience.

In July St. Kitts and Argentina signed an agreement of technical cooperation and Argentina’s ambassador to the federation, Ariel Fernandez, said this workshop falls in line with that agreement.

The white helmets is a humanitarian volunteer-based model that acts at the request of an affected state, carrying out international missions to deliver humanitarian aid and assistance at the rehabilitation and development stages.

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