NEMA’s message to the general public

Basseterre, St. Kitts, September 10, 2019 (ZIZ News): In an effort to keep the public updated on tropical storms and hurricanes as it is the peak of the North Atlantic hurricane season, the National Emergency Management Agency has opted to continue to share information on disaster preparedness.

In an interview with ZIZ news, Deputy National Disaster Coordinator of NEMA, Claricia Langley-Stevens stated that NEMA finds it necessary to continue to engage the general public in terms of being alert and being prepared as the information shared will allow persons to respond in a timely and sensible manner in the event of any potential impact.

She also stated that persons should take responsibility for their own level of preparedness noting that it is important for persons who live in households with vulnerable people to be mindful of the necessary provisions that are to be made to ensure their safety.

“Families who have persons of a vulnerable nature, persons from the elderly to persons with disability, young babies and children that they need to be extra mindful of what would be required for me to be able to adequately provide for these vulnerable persons within my household making the best decisions at the time when it is peace and then putting it into action if and when we are impacted so I think that is extremely important.”

Langley-Stevens made mention of the NEMA volunteer mechanism, stating that it is active and on alert and she encourages persons to find out who their NEMA district representatives are.

She said that this volunteering mechanism also allows the agency to be in direct contact at a community level and to be able to make interventions when it is necessary.

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